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What is the monetizer and how does your Header Bidding system work

The monetizer is a platform to monetize our web pages since although it shows advertising like many other platforms, the monetizer do it thinking about us, before displaying advertising on your website there is a whole real-time bidding system for our blogs receive the best possible payment for displaying advertising.

The Header Bidding is what we call the online bids that are made at the time that a user wants to access our website, in that small moment is when Header Bidding does its magic, this system full of people interested in that more public knows their brand or campaign puts us in the game, making our site go into auctions offering advertising spaces that will be auctioned to the best pos r making us win the best possible and without working others.

Will the ads lower my web browsing speed?

No, since this advertising tool has been concerned about that, they use javascript asynchronous make our content load a little before the ads, avoiding the speed delay and making although the page has not completely loaded it does not make it difficult for our visitors read the content

What languages ​​will be the ads shown on my page?

The ads will always be displayed in the language of the person visiting the page since they geolocate the IP address so that they are always displayed in the correct language making it easier for the person who enters your page to be more interested in them, in addition to The monetizer algorithms are designed to learn from the people who visit your page, to adapt and teach them ads according to their interests.

How many ads per page can I put up? 

This depends on the editor of the web, but it must be remembered that the excess of ads can suture the reader and cause a negative reaction in our visitors, making our page have a high bounce rate.

It is best to use tools such as hotjar that allows us through its heat maps to detect the parts of the site that are most viewed to place our ads or try to make some other conversion or action call to the user.

Is there a lot of difference between the monetizer and other platforms?

The difference will be felt immediately since, as we mentioned before, your Header Bidding system gives us only the ads that make us have the highest possible profit, and the platform makes you see it from its statistics panel. You can see how your income evolves over time or if it is definitely not profitable for you and your website.

The monetizer is automatic and easy to use and understand as well as simplifying the monetization of your site to the maximum, its system is constantly updated to offer you the best possible remuneration.

Minimum Payment The Monetizer? How often do you make payments?

The minimum balance you must have to receive a payment from the monetizer is 100 euros, which in dollars is equivalent to approximately $ 114 , once you reach the minimum amount to receive the payment, a billing order will be automatically issued that will be activated on the day 10 of each month, the payment will be automatic by bank transfer and will be made after 60 days that the billing order was given.

 The delay is due to the fact that the monetizer waits for its advertising partners to pay you, which is fine but will delay a little more our payments that have made them paid?

How does CPM work in the Monetizer?

There are many factors that the monetizer uses to determine the value of CPM on your site among the most important are:

  • One your audience: this influences a lot since if your most frequent audience is young with little money to spend, the value of each visit will be much less than your visitors are readers with great purchasing power and with the online shopping experience
  • Two clicks in the ads shown on your page: because clicks are also important to raise the CPM levels on your site as it can lead them to the advertiser’s site and therefore to possible purchases
  • 3 d AIs c elebración : Days like Christmas New Year make advertisers need more advertising for their products, because people are more willing to spend on these dates and an announcement well placed at the right time can make possible a purchase , So the header bidding system begins to have more demand and increase profits for the owners and publishers of these sites

How to earn money by affiliation with the monetizer

The conditions to start earning money by affiliation are the following (for each affiliation you can earn 15 euros)

  • You need a site that has been active for at least 60 days
  • That the user to whom you have recommended start using the monetize

How to start using the monetizer sign-up

Then I leave a video where you explain perfectly how to register to this platform. It can be a good alternative if you have traffic, and the current platform does not convince you.

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