How to Trade from Scratch: A Beginner’s Guide

I already had experience trading in the Forex market and quite a lot.

This topic is interesting. There are many advertisements for making money in the Forex market, and now the crisis is on, people need money.

And even more so, the opportunity is to make money through the Internet without taking your ass off the chair. Not bad, after all. For those who do not know anything about Forex at all, I advise you to read my post. Is it realistic to make money on Forex? My memories are two years later. Understand something.

So, the “dummies” are interested in how to make money in the Forex market. It is clear that it would be a sin for people who are closely sitting in this industry not to take this opportunity to make money on beginners who do not understand anything in trading. Honestly, personally, I would not be able, knowing that a person is likely to lose, rub him, that the Forex market is an awesome opportunity to earn money, and even more so that he will definitely win big money.

But after all, many do so and do not consider it shameful. And conscience does not torment them. Indeed, conscience is like: she, like a hamster, either sleeps or nibbles. Therefore, if I tell you that everyone who comes to the foreign exchange market will be 100% likely to earn big money, then he will chew.

Therefore, I will not be better about this, but I will talk about more real things. Moreover, my audience is, for the most part, bloggers, webmasters, and optimizers, at least I position it that way. And they are not interested in pure trade. But whatever one may say, every day hundreds of people ask themselves how to make money on the Forex market, and therefore, we, webmasters, need to scratch our “turnips” and think about how to help these people lose their money on Forex (conscience is already beginning to gnaw).

Here are the methods by reading which you will understand how to make money in the Forex market without trading on it:

1. We create a website on stock exchange topics. I have good experience in this matter, so I can tell you what the prospect of creating and developing a site on the topic of “Forex” is. First of all, I think that if you choose between the project formats (blog or site?) For this topic, then, in my opinion, this should be a site.

The only Forex-related blog that has normally settled down and gained authority is Andrei Vidikhin’s blog. But in this case, this blog about the Forex market is an exception to the rule. Because look who its author is. This is not an ordinary freelancer who stupidly rewrites existing materials. Man is really “in the subject.” In addition, it is now published in Forex Magazine – a famous magazine for traders.

Therefore, in terms of format, I recommend the site. It is clear that this is a completely different level, but believe me, the income here will be an order of magnitude higher. By the way, if you don’t know what the differences between a blog and a site are, then urgently go and read article 6 of the fundamental differences between a blog and a site.

It’s profitable to create a website on the topic of Forex for the following reasons:

  • This topic is very fat advertisers. In the future, when you properly promote the site and it will have good traffic, you can successfully sell banner ads from it. I don’t know how in Rotaban, but, not so much as I think, I know that it’s easy to find advertisers directly. Now there is darkness, darkness over any brokers and dealing centers. Therefore, in terms of banner advertising, there will be no problems with monetization
  • If you need to cram the site into glanders, then here is the know-how. Financial topics are in demand here, believe me. Therefore, if for some reason you can’t monetize the site with the help of banner advertising, then well in the glanders.
  • A site about the Forex market is an excellent platform for attracting interested visitors to various affiliate programs for the Forex market. Here I confess that I have less experience, but the essence is clear, like a white day. There is a person who is interested in how to make money in the Forex market. We make beautifully designed pages where we describe all the delights of trade in “pink” colors. The client goes through your affiliate link to the site of the partner broker and then opens a trading account with this broker for the amount of, for example, $ 300. And you will have a certain percentage from this amount. If you do not know any such affiliate programs, then Yandex will help you

2. This method is a bit unformatted to what I said in the title of this post. The bottom line is that you need to participate in various competitions held by Forex companies or affiliate programs. But I describe it here because you can earn without trading on the Forex market itself. Or you can trade virtual money without risking your own money. And if you win, you will receive a prize – real money.

Whoever bargains the most is the prize. The most progressive and interesting portal that holds contests related to the Forex market is Fx Gamer. Be sure to pay attention to it. Especially if you have financial traffic, that is, visitors interested in information on how to make money in the Forex market. And the prize funds of the competitions held by this partnership program are rather big. For 600-800 $ to the winner.

Here, in general, for now, all the ideas. I think this is enough to think about whether to create a site about the Forex market. After all, everything will start with him.

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