Bitcoin Trading on Forex

A young electronic currency, or as it is also called electronic gold, Bitcoin made a lot of noise after a record increase in its value.

It can be attributed to a certain kind of securities, since the monetary unit is not a currency in the classical sense of the word, and does not have real security with material values.

But the approach to creating a payment system using Bitcoins aroused great interest since the system operates on a principle similar to the Internet, there is no main center, and no one controls the implementation of monetary transactions.

It turns out that when buying Bitcoins, you acquire shares in this payment system, and become a co-owner.

The appearance of new coins is strictly programmed and limited, while the principle of non-renewable resources, which only increase in price over time, is valid, confirming this increase in energy and gold prices. It is clear that even here, it cannot do without sharp price spikes.

That is, I assess the real situation; it can be assumed that the Bitcoin exchange rate will only grow after the current decline, which is an excellent incentive for long-term investments.

Bitcoin and forex trading rules.

You can trade cryptocurrency in real life, buying and selling it at exchange points, and on the Forex exchange.

Unlike real trading, Forex has many advantages – lower commission for transactions, the speed of sales, the ability to use technical analysis, and the limitless powers of a trader’s trading terminal.

It is the trader’s terminal that allows you to conduct a technical analysis of the exchange rate and open transactions at the best price. You can also place pending orders on bitcoin, planning ahead of the profitability of sales. Work with the program does not require specialized knowledge. The interface is as clear and intuitive as possible.

During the trade, the CFD model was used, in which the delivery of the sold or purchased currency is not provided.

Trading Bitcoins is relatively simple. The cryptocurrency rate lends itself well to study and forecasting. It should be noted that bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency which can be traded on Forex, brokers are gradually expanding the arsenal of available assets.

Also, other trading conditions lend themselves to changes – the spread is reduced, the available leverage is increased, and the minimum transaction size is reduced.

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